Brella™ powered by SHAZAM

Brella™ is a high-tech, early-warning system that immediately alerts you to potentially fraudulent activity by sending you alerts regarding your debit card purchases.  You have the ability to customize your alert settings to notify you when purchases exceed a preset amount, transactions occur in a foreign country or your debit card is used and your card was not present, such as telephone or internet purchases.  The transaction control allows you more control over your debit card.  If your card is stolen or missing, you can place a block on your card without affecting previous transactions.  With just a tap of a button, the transaction control allows you to block or unblock your own card to protect yourself from possible fraud.
Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now.  After registering your debit card, be sure to customize your alerts to be notified every time your debit card is used.
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