Cash Management


Cash Management services are a vital part of every successful business.  Customers require efficient, secure and easy-to-use products to manage their cash flow.  Liberty National Bank is proud to offer cash management services that allow:

Balance Reporting

This report enables business customers to see a preview of all their account balances in a summary or with detailed information.

Wire Transfers

Templates and recurring wire transfers can be schedule for fast and efficient transfer of funds.

Book Transfers

Transfer between Liberty National Bank accounts or set up recurring templates for transfers most commonly processed.  Schedule a single transfer or up to four on a single screen. 

Check Reconciliation (Positive Pay)

This service helps to prevent check fraud on business accounts which is a great service in today's world of sophisticated scams.  Customers upload a list of issued checks.  Any checks that were not included in this list will show on a report and the customer determines if they should be paid or not.

ACH Services

Transfer money electronically to or from almost any other financial institution in the United States.  Examples of use are: Direct deposit of payroll, collect money for dues or rent, and vendor payments.

Remote Deposit Capture

Is an easy and efficient way to deposit checks received from customers without having to travel to the bank.  Using a check scanner, checks are deposited timely, electronically and most important, securely!


Allows the creation of additional users with assigned access rights.


 In addition to the services available online, Liberty National Bank has tools available to implement financial controls, account sweeps, disburse funds efficiently, and collect funds rapidly.  We offer a variety of additional products which include:

Account Analysis

Critical monthly information necessary to make profitable financial management decisions.  Liberty National Bank's Commercial Checking on Analysis allows your business to earn credit calculated on collected account balance and applied to monthly account fees based on the 91-day T-bill rate.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Allows you to accept credit cards as a form of payment for goods and services.
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