Investment Management

Liberty National Bank’s investment management products and services include:

  • Personal Investment Mgmt Agencies
  • Trust Investment Mgmt Agencies
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's):Traditional, ROTH or Rollover
  • Custodial or self-directed accounts
  • Endowment / Foundations
  • South Dakota Dynasty Trusts

Liberty National Bank offers a wide range of individual investment products - such as stocks, exchange-traded funds, corporate and municipal bonds, government securities and institutional-class mutual funds - and we will help you develop a customized investment plan to achieve your individual goals.  We do this by listening to you, and by discussing and understanding your risk tolerance, personal needs, cash flow requirements and investment objectives.  We specialize in building or updating comprehensive investment and estate plans to help you manage and protect your assets during your lifetime and plan for the transfer of those assets to the next generations.

Our investment philosophy is straightforward:  We believe that investing in unrelated assets (diversification) and investing among different asset classes - such as stocks, bonds, cash equivalents and alternatives (asset allocation) - produces stable and ultimately better performance over time.  We recommend investing for the long-term, generally meaning a period greater than ten years.  We resist “timing” the various market swings (trying to buy and sell at the “right” times), although particular asset classes may be emphasized in response to identifiable opportunities.  We never deal in speculation; rather, we rely on sound research and in-depth market analysis.

Why should you choose Liberty National Bank to professionally manage your investments?

  • We are local and can discuss your circumstances in-person as opposed to dealing with an unknown voice over the telephone;
  • We have established partnerships with certain well-recognized global financial institutions that allow us to bring vast resources and implement the most sophisticated financial solutions;
  • We are a fiduciary subject to special legal duties of loyalty to our clients, and as such, we are different from many other investment providers:  When managing your investments, we are required by law to put your interests ahead of our own;
  • As a national bank, we are subject to strict regulatory and audit supervision by the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and our client’s assets must, by law, be kept separate from the bank’s assets;
  • We do not utilize any proprietary products, nor do we receive any compensation for trading securities, or utilizing mutual funds that pay 12b-1 fees, so you can be assured that our recommendations are based solely in your best interests and not our own (unlike many other investment providers whose goals include simply "selling" you a particular product).
  • Our fees are based upon the size of the accounts we manage (asset-based fees) and are not based upon the number of securities trades accomplished within your account (transaction-based fees), which allows for our investment advice to be wholly unbiased.
  • We provide ongoing monitoring of your investment portfolio and perform periodic reviews of performance and asset allocation and discuss those results with you on a regular basis.
  • We provide concise, accurate financial reporting on a regular basis to ensure that you are kept fully-informed regarding the management and rebalancing of your portfolio.
It is not necessary to maintain a trust account with us in order to access our investment management and retirement planning services; in fact, a substantial portion of our managed assets are non-trust related.

Depending upon the particular needs of our customers, we offer two levels of investment management service:  (i) Liberty’s Customized Investment Management program; and (ii) Liberty’s Managed Asset-Allocation program.

I.  Customized investment management program

We offer a customized and integrated approach for those individuals and organizations with complex financial needs.  Larger values allow us to utilize individual securities that create a well-diversified, comprehensive plan based upon your individual needs.  Our financial planning professionals will develop customized investment solutions based upon YOUR goals and objectives.  We take into consideration risk, time horizon, income needs, tax issues, and expectations, and we develop an appropriate asset allocation strategy.  Many portfolios are created by establishing a core of high quality “blue chip” stocks and investment-grade municipal/corporate bonds.  From there, we compliment and diversify the portfolio by investing in optimized combinations of differing sectors, styles, market capitalizations and geographic areas.

II.  Managed asset-allocation program (“MAAP”)

We have also established an investment management program specifically designed to be a cost-effective alternative for clients owning smaller values but who seek the benefits of our Wealth Management Division by utilizing a managed portfolio of our institutional-class mutual funds.  A portfolio is recommended based upon your investment objective and risk tolerance.  These portfolios offer built-in diversification and ongoing asset allocation in one convenient package specifically designed for long-term investors.  The various portfolio types also feature a dynamic forward-looking, tactical reallocation process designed to capitalize on changing market conditions.

Interested in getting started, contact one of our professionals.

Investments are Not Deposits and are Not FDIC Insured – May Lose Value – No Bank Guarantee

The information contained herein is for general informational purposes only.  It is not intended to, and does not, constitute legal advice.  For legal advice, please consult your attorney.